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Free Hotel Rooms & Villas in Bali

"For victims and / or families of victims of the October 2002 Bali Bombing"

This web / direct reservations site offers Balinese hotels and villas the option of paying a small (5%) cash commission for successful reservations made via us, or 10% "room credit" (where for every US$100 reservation revenue we get for them, they give us US$10 hotel credit which we can use for someone to stay there). Instead of using this room credit personally / ourselves, we would like to give this to any victims or close friends / family of victims of the Bali Bombing of October 2002. By victim we mean someone who was injured in that bombing and required hospital treatment as a result of those injuries. By close friend or family member of a victim, we mean close friend or no further then a cousin / aunt / uncle. Groups travelling with a victim / friend or relation of a victim, do not qualify. Only the victim / friend or relation of the victim and their immediate close family qualify.

Please note, if no room credit is due to us from any of the participating hotels, they can not give any (sorry). If there is not enough room credit due to us from any given participating hotel, they can only offer you what they have as a discount, not a completely free room.

At present we have 4 hotels / villas / resorts in Bali offering these free rooms. Please visit their web pages on this web site for further details on them, and how to ask about a free room from them.

Tegal Sari Hotel Ubud Bali
Prima Cottages Sanur Bali
Ayo-Udayana eco-Lodge Jimbaran Hills Bali
Villas Agung Bali Nirwana Sambirenteng Bali

Come on everyone else - stay at one of these hotels / villas. If you stay at one of these hotels or villas (you must book via this / our web site though), 10% of your reservation value will go to providing free rooms for people who suffered in the Bali Bombing.

Come on other hotels / villas - join our list! You do not have to join our web site if you do not want to. If you are able to provide free rooms to Bali Bomb victims, their close friends / family, let us know and we will add your site / offer to this page!

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